Thursday, May 27, 2010

Howz this for starters?

Difference Between a Marine Officer And an NCO

A young Marine officer was severely wounded in the head by a grenade, but the only visible permanent injury was to both of his ears, which were amputated. Since his hearing wasn't impaired he remained in the Marine Corps. Many years later he eventually rose to the rank of major general. He was, however, very sensitive about his appearance.

One day the general was interviewing three Marines, prospects for his headquarters staff.
The first was an aviator captain, and it was a great interview. At the end of the interview the general asked him, "Do you notice anything different about me?"
The young officer answered, "Why, yes, Sir, I couldn't help but notice that you have no ears."
The general got very angry at his lack of tact and threw him out.
The second interview was with a logistics Lieutenant, and he was even better. The general then asked him the same question, "Do you notice anything different about me?"
He replied sheepishly, "Well, Sir, you have no ears."
The general, now really pissed, threw him out also.
The third interview was with a Marine gunnery sergeant, an infantryman and Staff NCO. He was articulate, looked extremely sharp and seemed to know more than the two officers combined. The general wanted this guy, and went ahead with the same question, "Do you notice anything different about me?"
To his surprise the sergeant said, "Yes, Sir, you wear contact lenses."
The general was very impressed and thought, what an incredibly observant NCO, and he didn't mention my ears. "And how do you know that I wear contacts?" the General asked.
"Well, Sir," the gunny replied, "it's pretty hard to wear glasses with no friggin' ears."

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that I have ears and sometimes use them to listen, really listen.

for those willing to step up to the task

that our Al Anon meeting was about gossip. I wanted to get up and leave, but decided to stay and learn more about myself.

for the laughs and enjoyment supplied by Art Linkletter over the years. He died yesterday at age 97.

The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.
- Hadia Bejar


Scott said...

Art Linkletter, wow I didn't know he was still around!

great joke, lol

gossip is one of those good/bad examples we can all learn from. Good for you, sticking around even if you NEVER gossip :-)

steveroni said...

In 20 years I'll be 97 --grin!

You gave Anna and I the first LOL on our anniversary this morning!


Todd HellsKitchen said...

Yes on LISTENING... Art Linkletter had a great life... Although he did have his share of tragedy... 97?? I'll take it!

Trailboss said...

Dave....I just read you comment on MC's blog about the fact that you might quit blogging soon. I hope you don't. If nothing else, just cut back some. Everyone is stopping! I can't stand to lose another one!

Syd said...

Dave, gossip is one of the three obstacles. I don't like it and don't participate when others start.
Thanks for stepping up here.

Mary Christine said...

Gossip is something I have to be ever mindful not to participate in.... the price is too deep.