Friday, January 27, 2006

James on the Frey-ing Pan

Yesterday as I sat upon my solid-gold, ruby and emerald encrusted throne in my 50-seat theatre, watching my 20' wide plasma-screen televison made specially for me by NASA at my 85 room (not including bathrooms) Houston mansion which overlooks 300 acres of rich meadowland boundaried by a ring of mighty oak trees, I watched Oprah.

I watched as author/addict/liar James Frey sat uneasily in front of millions of his readers while the queen of afternoon televison slapped him on the wrist, repeatedly. Oprah forced him to admit more of his lies in his "memoir"-- A MILLION LITTLE PIECES.
Did he apologize to his readers? NO.
Did she remove his book from her Book Club? NO.
Has Mr Frey ever worked any of the Twelve Steps? NO.
As a "clean and sober" addict, is he in recovery (in my opinion)? NO.
Does he know anything of honesty and integrity? NO.
Will he continue to make gobs of money from his lies? MOST LIKELY.

There are no victims, only volunteers.

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that I know the difference between EMBELLISH and LIE

that I am neither James Frey nor Oprah Winfrey

that today, Oprah features the stars of Brokeback Mountain

to have completed working step 5 yesterday with my one sponsee. He's my first sponsee to make it this far.

for breakfast with my sponsor this morning so I can tell him more about how to isolate

for dinner last night with a good recovering friend




I still have a post it note displayed on my computer that says "A Million Little Pieces - James Frey". Maybe someday I will read it.
I see you,

Scott W said...

Oprah placed A Million Little Pieces on her book club list. The book became an incredible best seller. Oprah cried about it on television. Oprah supported James by calling Larry King. The media did not give up in debunking his writing and credibility. This reflected badly upon Oprah. It might have made people question Oprah's credibility. She no doubt called James and said, Listen bitch, I supported you, I made you richer, now I am in trouble of being laughed at so I would suggest you appear again on my show so I can slap you around so I don't lose face.

James probably said, meekly, okay.

Pat said...

?? I'll have to read it to understand but it seems to be phony so why waste the time.

Your throne has rubys? That's soooo passe', get inlaid emeralds they go with our eyes.

Mary Christine said...

I think there are victims in this case. They are the "thousands of people who have been helped" by the book. It is sad that they seemingly got an answer to their problem that didn't involve admitting defeat, admitting their faults, clearing away the wreckage, and giving away FREELY what they had been given.

AAwoken said...

Oprah should put all of us (recovery bloggers) on her book club.

sirreene said...

It's a great book that he attempted to publish as fiction. His publisher told him it would be better to publish it as a memoir. He took direction. Whatever works, right? Why do people need to be told what to read? When are we too old for reading lists? Who really are the ahole's?

Shannon said...

Oh scott, I agree with you, I watched yesterday and I kinda felt bad for him... I have not read the book, yet (like I have time LOL) but I think you nailed it, she didnt want to be "discredited" I dont know about you, but when they started attacking him saying he was lying... I laughed and thought, lying may be harsh, embelish, and I kinda dont think it was worth a whole Oprah show to slap him around... Here is what I think, SO WHAT??? why is everybody taking all this time on a book written by and alcoholic/addict? why do thy care soooo much to discredit him? I say dang , dang!!! I have so much to say about this book that I havent read... LOL it makes me want read it more, ok I am dont ranting... HI daave... can I come over and watch TV at your house???
Oh my word verification "Ikisnhugs"

Shannon said...

and I meannt done ranting... LOL now I am done

doughgirl said...

I started reading it, its a pretty good book, however it wasnt my copy....Personally on the top of my charts is the four thats a good book.. L:)

lash505 said...

Ok, Now I have to read this book. It was not on my book club list, but it's always good to hear a lie's I guess.

Sam said...

Firstly, regarding "for breakfast with my sponsor this morning so I can tell him more about how to isolate" - I simply love the way you put things!

Regarding Frey's book, what has gotten me in the whole thing (I was halfway through the book when this all started - I'm still halfway...) is that it's like me standing in front of a meeting and telling my story, except I change it significantly to entertain people. It's just not right to represent something as your best-recollected truth when it is false.

If I were at a speaker meeting and halfway through, several credible sources told me the speaker tale was not his "story," I'd likely walk out. There are already times when I want to walk out as it is, when in several meetings I attend there is one person who is so full of it and stuck on himself that he has to speak at every meeting, for prolonged periods and often double-dipping and not sharing his ESH, but parroting what he's heard elsewhere.

Some are sicker than others... There's a lesson in this for me, too.

Sam (stepping off the soapbox)

Trudging said...

Yes James Frey lied and he lied stupidly. I have compassion for him however. James Frey is exactly where he is supposed to be too.

MS PINK said...
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