Saturday, January 28, 2006

Self Abuse

What a load hangovers put on your shoulders! What terrible physical punishment we've all been through. The pounding headaches and the jumpy nerves, the shakes and the jitters, the hot and cold sweats!

When you come into A.A. and stop drinking, that terrible load of hangovers falls off your shoulders.

Ashamed of the things you've said and done. Afraid to face people because of what they might think of you. Afraid of the consequences of what you did when you were drunk. What an awful beating the mind takes! When you come into A.A., that terrible load of remorse falls off your shoulders.

Thought for the Day, January 28


SoberSunday said...

I remember the self abuse and fear far too well. Thank God that they have been taken away for now!

lash505 said...

I always remember what my uncle told me "the only way to get rid of a hangover is to have another drink". The sad thing was, I believed it.

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