Monday, January 09, 2006

That's a Good Question.

Why do I blog?

Simple answer. But complicated too.

Joey gave me the idea for this. He posted a very good answer to this question.

Steve was doing a blog. Scott was going to start one. So I began too, as a way to have a kind of online journal. A place to put things I have heard in AA meetings, and my thoughts about those things. A place to write about my feelings. A place to share some of my jokes. After a few months, I added my daily gratitude list.

From almost the first post, I was hooked. Some might call it obsessed. That's how I am with things I like. I go all out with it.

How about you? Why do you blog?


Mary Christine said...

Thanks for asking Daave. I started blogging because I wanted a journal of my training for a triathlon. Then I went off on a political bent. Someone kept leaving horrible comments on my blog and I discovered he was an AA member. I wanted to talk about AA, but I didn't want to have my AA stuff on my blog with my full name, so I started my Anonymous Alcoholic one. Which I thought was stupid - until Trudge came along and sent her friends. Now it is a joy! I love it.


Good Mornign dAAve,
I started to blog as part of my recovery way back in my aol days. It started off as a place for me to put down my thoughts and feelings. I read one blog and that was DG's. Today, it has become such a wonderful community of people in and out of recovery that I look forward to going from blog to blog everyday sometimes more than once. As for me posting it's still all about my thoughts and feelings and me being an alcoholic and addict but I started to add the "everyday" things that go on in my life. Oh, and of course......laughter. It is the best medicine.
I see you,

AAwoken said...

I blog because I thought if I could help just one alcoholic it would be worth it.

Shannon said...

good idea Daave,
I started blogging last year. I was addicted to my radio stations blog, and used to post on it regulary, and a bunch of us talked. I used to post Gossip and someone said why dont you start your own blog I did, and then one day someone commented on it that was from aa... WOW I thought, so I went to her blog and went to others, started with Scott, Phil, JJ Daave and trudge and now... just is fuller and fuller... I too look forward to it everyday. Posting commenting reading, I love it

Scott W said...

I used to email gratitude lists, then I discovered blogs and decided to post them instead. And to write other stuff, post pictures and my art. It quickly became a passion. I have met some great people through doing it and I hope I have inspired someone to stay sober just for that day.