Wednesday, June 24, 2009

middle of the week

What nine letter word in the English language is still a word when the nine letters are removed one by one?
Take a few minutes to try and come up with a nine letter word that fits the bill, then watch the attached video.... Well, just watch the video....because you're never going figure it out!

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that I get to stay sober again today

for the rituals we follow at the beginning of AA meetings -- it helps me get centered for the meeting

that I was rarely a physically violent person (except a couple of times when I was really drunk)

that I still seem to be going through mental pause

for air conditioning -- it was 101 deg yesterday

He that is afraid to shake the dice will never throw a six.
- Chinese Proverb


Lou said...

Is it the middle of the week already!

Mary Christine said...

I think I am going to throw a six today.

Scott W said...

I threw a rod once.

That guy in the video could have used Scrabble tiles. Then he would have given us the scores as he went.

Pam said...

Dear Sir,
Try having hot flashes every 15 minutes in this is like visiting hell.

Syd said...

You're right, I didn't get the riddle. But I looked it up. It's all about I...
Hey I threw a bod once but no rods.

Tall Karen said...

Is mentalpause what men go through?

Boston said...

hot flashes suck

Steve E. said...

Vanna White might have done a better job with the letters.

Had more to say, but that was enuff!

garden-variety drunk said...

ahh...i thought we were removing the letters starting from the end of the word. i was thinking of words that started with either a or i

Patrick said...

That was a tough riddle. Good one.

I threw snake eyes.

Zanejabbers said...

I threw a fit once. Well, maybe more.