Saturday, July 24, 2010


What an awesome ad for the new AMG Mercedes SL!

If any of you were ever to roll a car ... this is the proper way to do it!!

The stretch of highway that this ad was filmed on is in the Fraser Canyon, British Columbia, Canada

The tunnel they did this in is the China Bar Tunnel on Highway 1 just North of Spuzzum ...

The car is a new Mercedes ... make sure that your sound is on ... enjoy!!



Carol said...

This would speak to my son in a visceral way. As a female, less so. Blessed be.

Syd said...

Okay I like it. I'll take a ride with the stunt driver.

Mary Christine said...

Wow. Wow. I would not like a ride with that driver, but I don't mind looking at that video.

Bill said...

I used to do this all the time in the Hampton Roads tunnel in my old 280c.