Saturday, May 20, 2006


I enjoy meeting other bloggers. If for no other reason than just to put a face to all the things I've learned about that person through their words. Earlier this week, Scott of Sober Nuggets was here in Houston attending a work-related seminar.

In the picture, that's him on the left. On the right is Scott W. of Attitude of Gratitude. We were at Starbuck's (a small coffee shop, in case you've never heard of it).

Scott W. and I met up with out-of-town Scott and made plans to meet up with lex-sunshine the next evening at her home group. Of course, we also traded phone numbers. But Scott didn't show up that night for the meeting and we haven't heard from Scott (yet). I was disappointed that our plans didn't work out, but I understand that things happen unexpectedly and can easily deal with that.

What I don't understand (yet) is why we have not heard from him. He hasn't replied to voice mails or emails. I'm concerned as is Scott W. Me, I'm a worrier. But I've learned a few things in recovery. One of those things is not to project. Take the action (phone calls, emails). Leave the outcome to my Higher Power.

Another thing I've learned is that MORE SHALL BE REVEALED.

** MORE HAS BEEN REVEALED -- (1 pm, Saturday) Scott called me at 10:30am and apologized for not contacting me earlier. Actually, he left a voice mail Wednesday, but I never received it. Anyway, we met about 30 minutes later at Lambda Center for an AA meeting. Then he's off to visit friends before heading back home.



Happy Weekend to you. It must of been very nice meeting Lexxi and Scott.
I see you,
PS: I love your t-shirt.

Mary Christine said...

Thanks for the picture. I hope Scott is OK (I am a worrier too.) Have a happy weekend.

sera said...

I'm loving the DAVE t shirt! Nice pic of you guys. It's sweet of you to be concerned. I hope he's alright too...

lash505 said...

I hope he is ok too. I will say a prayer. When we don't hear from someone... I just hope he is ok.

Trudging said...

I am glad that you have all your Scotts in a row

red head gal said...

You guys look great. Glad you found your Scotts.

BigSkymAAck said...

Scotts sounds like turf builder. Everyone laugh now. Glad to hear you have met up with fellow bloggers it is a very neat experience. Maybe somehow depending on how long I will be in Minnesota I can meet up with bloggers from there.

Pat said...

By worry, do you mean you think(thought) he may have been drinking?

Hopefully not as he would pick up on it and feel less confident in his ability to remain sober.

I am glad all is going well for you and that you're happy!