Friday, May 12, 2006

Recovery Directory Project

Some of you in recovery may want to check out this site. I have added my blog and linked their site from my sidebar. I have mine listed under recovery web community then blogs.

It's just another way to find other recovery links and for others to find us.

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that my Mom was very attentive again yesterday -- whooppee!!

that tomorrow I won't have a hangover if I stay sober today

to see friends go through life's tough challenges and come out sober and sometimes happy

that I finally stopped by a Toyota dealership to take care of a small repair item for my car - it took all of 1 minute to fix the problem; I was prepared to wait for an hour -- I just knew it would take an hour! I had been putting it off for 2 months or more.

for coffee with Jessie - a long-time, non-alcoholic friend who is a wannabee alkie just so he can experience recovery LOL

for some actual springtime weather - it's really sweet!

Denial Is Not a River in Egypt.


Mary Christine said...

I also listed my blog with RDP, but when I tried to paste their code, it didn't work, so I am not holding up my end of the bargain. hmmm.

Lex-Sunshine said...

the tools of recovery grow a little more every day, don't they? : ) Have a great weekend withOUT a hangover

Shannon said...

thanks for the link
sounds like a good day

Scott W said...

MC, Dave has the solution. Just ask him!

recoveryroad said...

I can't get the image for the link to work either. Is the file name of the jpg wrong? Anyways, lol, I registered my blog.

I won't be in the Black Cap, sweetie. Credit me with SOME taste...puhleaze!



kate said...

all you can do is what you can do... keep the faith and look to the goal...

I am not recovering, but my brother was an alcoholic since he was 13. Yes... 13. So I lived with it for many years.

day to day... minute by minute sometimes... I blogged about buckets today. I am dealing with depression.... things that give you comfort are buckets... have a look!

ty for sharing.


Tab said...

Your "wanna be alkie" friend is probably inspired by your wisdom and lust for life found in your recovery from alcoholism.
You are a fab and grateful person who touches others by your self expression and outlook on life!
Thanks for sharing ~

Ricky!!! said...

Thanks for that site.
I hope you are able to have a good mother's day on Sunday with your mom!