Tuesday, September 05, 2006


todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that I have been sober for 1095 days

that I comprehend the word serenity and usually know peace

that my experience can benefit others

that my feelings of uselessness and self-pity often disappear

that I sometimes lose interest in selfish things

that self-seeking sometimes slips away

that my whole attitude and outlook upon life has changed

that my fear of people and economic insecurity has lessened

that I intuitively know how to handle some situations which used to baffle me

that God does for me what I cannot do for myself

Are these extravagant changes in my life?


They have materialized because I have worked for them.



Happy AA Birthday to you
Happy AA Birthday to you
Happy AA Birthday Dear dAAve
Happy AA Birthday to you!
I see you,
PS: Party time I'm bringing the stripper!

Greg said...

Good moning dAAve :):):) Happy birthday:) What time is the party??? hagd:):):)

Mary Christine said...

Happy Birthday to dAAve,
Happy Birthday to dAAve,
Happy Birthday dear dAAve,
Happy Birthday to YOU!

3 years Rocks!

You couldn't keep me away if you tried! I will bring cheesecake. Do you have a favorite flavor?

dAAve said...

MC - I have a favorite flavor. But they don't usually put that in cheesecake. (maybe the stripper can help)

Trudging said...

Wow, how does it feel to be one of God’s own miracles? HAApy BirthdAAy to you DAAve.

And by the way, where is the striper.

Scott W said...

WHOO HOO!!!! I got that new kaftan just in time, I never got the guacamole stains out of the old one. I'll be there right after coffee.

Scott W said...

The Cheetos truck is on the way.

Shannon said...

yay yay yay yay
happy birthday dAAve!
I'll bring the chocolate cake!

sera said...

Three years. That's pretty damm cool.
Wow. Cheesecake, strippers, cheetos and chocolate cake? Now that's what I call a three year anniversary party! Well it does say 'we absolutely insist on enjoying life', so I guess you will just HAVE to partake! ..All in the interests of spiritual development of course.... Heheh


Wow people are showing up already. I'm start up the grill. Steak tips, salad, and corn on the cob.....where are those strippers anyway. I told them to be there first thing in the morning.

Mark W. said...

I'm just here for the strippers!!!


Happy Anniversary dAAve!!!

Now, where are those strippers???

WTG Dude!

What time do the strippers start???


SCoUt said...

dAAVE! Happy days to you! 3 years is a long time when we couldn't make it even one DAY, right? Happy, ahppy 3 years. You are a shining example of what the program can do if you work it. And I can hear that you have and DO!
So, you know I love a party....We got some cake, cheesecake, a stripper, and JJ has started the grill for some steak tips.......anyone want some soul food to go with those steak tips?????
Peace and big, loving hugs, dAAve,

Mary Christine said...

I think I better bring a couple of pints of my homemade salsa - and some tortilla chips. This party is already getting a little bit out of control!

Carly said...

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY, Dave! I'm so pleased for you and inspired by you! Enjoy this extra special day.

sirreene said...

I just showed up to watch you play darts! But I am not removing ANY :) Happy 3rd DAVE!!!!!


Soul food please! Geez, Scott you look great in his new Kaftan. dAAve you are so silly with that party hat on.

Tab said...

oh excuse me..coming through with a big bouquet of flowers for Daave..sorry I am so late..geesh ya'll start early here in Houston!

*Happy Three Years Daave..I love that you have shared and inspired so many through your journey!

This is indeed worth partying about..wooohoo..soul food too..

I brought flowers and ice cream!!!

...hope there isn't too long a line up for the bathroom
(Tab doing Pee dance)

Gwen said...

I made a card for you all by myself ;). But I left it on my page ;(. I did bring a cooler of Diet Coke and a gift card to the adult toy store!!!

Happy Happy Happiness to you on your special AA day!

Love and Hugs and Kisseeeees

recoveryroad said...

A very happy AA birthday, Big Yin!


I'm proud of you and very pleased for you.

All the best.

Kenny .x.

Anonymous said...

hAApy BirthdAAy dAAve!



Mr. H.K.
Postcards from Hell's

And I Quote Blog

Tab said...

I think there is something hanky panky going on in the bathroom ...I have been waiting for hours!!
Where's Daave and that stripper go?

dAAve said...

Does anyone have a towel, preferably a large one?

Tab said...

I had a large towel earlier(yes a canadian custom to party with large towel under arm or around neck lol)
but JJ took off with it after she scooped the tops of those cakes she got for you ..?!

Scott W said...

JJ is in the upstairs closet with the cake decorations. Dave and the stripper disappeared only to be found out on the patio rearranging their clothes. And Hayden is out front with the blow up doll scaring the crack heads away.

What a festive party!

Gwen said...

I need more Diet Coke!!! Who is leaving the half empties all over, man I hate that. SO where are we going from here? Wow I should have gotten caffeine free. Weeee I am taking pictures ~ Everyone smile ~ Say "dAAve" ;) JJ get out of the closet and get in the picture!!!!

Diego said...



Hello! Hello! Hello! I can't get out of the closet. Damn, this cake is goooooooooood. Hello! Can anyone hear me? Oh yeah, that's it! Wait...hello....I can't get out......hello!

Karen B said...

Happy Happy Birthday dAAve it's always nice to hear birthdays. 3 years is huge, happy birthday!

Redhead Gal said...

Man, this place is a mess... good thing I called for a cleaning crew tomorrow...any Diet Coke left? JJ, you better have saved me a cake decoration...It's been a long day.
What's this? A Conga Line??? I love sober Conga Lines. Hee yah! Happy birthday dAAve and thanks for being here....eiiiiieee..

Tab said...

hey look everybody...JJ wants to come out of the closet! LOL
Conga line...woohoo...!!!
watch out for Daaves kitties..
I saw them eating out of the
Cheeto's bowl earlier :P hehehhe
this is fun...should we let JJ out of the closet?

dAAve said...

I didn't see you guys for a little while. Some of us were in the back, doing the Elephant Walk.
I gotta wash my hands.
Thanks for showing up. You guys are amazing. But then, no one ever accused any of us of not knowing how and where to party, eh?


Hey are you kicking us out? Where's Scott ... I need a place to stay. Dang this place is a mess. Lookie all the salsa and chips on the floor. By the way great salsa Mary Christine - can I have the recipe please. Ooops....sorry I just spilled a Diet Coke. I think I've had too much caffiene because I'm still want to party.

Ricky!!! said...

Don K always says you get it out it what you put into it...you put a lot into it.

Ricky!!! said...

Oh...and Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!

Mary Christine said...

Man, I am tired. You guys have worn me out! I will work on getting the diet coke out of the carpet before I leave. That JJ! Hope to see you back here for your 1096th day dAAve.

Tab said...

We all love ya Daave..thanks for having us over to share in your special occassion..now if you and the stripper are done in the bathroom I have GOT to go pee before my long rollerskate back to Canada...
I love you guys man...LOL..great party..
now which way is the border?

Sober Chick said...

Ok I made it! Happy Birthday my friend! 3 Years, that is Huge!!!

I made some chorizo and eggs, it is all I can whip up at this hour. I hope yall like it, but it looks like everyone is bouncing off the walls from the caffiene and the stripper.

You all throw an AWESOME sober party! I think I will call in sick tomorrow . . .

Scott W said...

My kaftan will definitely have to go to the cleaners tomorrow. Bunny will be licking all the guacamloe off the hem. Dang...

I knew JJ needed to come out! It's cool outside and the rain has stopped, I am gonna flash some of the crack heads. hehehehehe

piglet said...

Hooray DAAVE!!! Happy three years to you buddy! very glad to have "blog-met" you and I LURVE your sense of humour lots and lots!!!

Got here a little late today but want you to know I wish you many more to come (recovery years that is).


lash505 said...

Happy Birthday Dave its three. Your a good man, and your a good son to your mother.

Designer Girl said...

Hey, dAAve!!!! Happy, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!! Birthday!!!!!!

Sorry I'm late with my good wishes. I heart you, dAAve! You're among my bestest fellow alkie friends (even though we've never met in person).

You are a truly beautiful person, and I thank God for you and for how you've helped so many of us along this journey. Many, many happy returns of the day, my friend.
xoxoxo (((HUGS!!!)))

AAwoken said...

WoW! You be a popular guy
You have a wonderful day on your third anniversary. You are a vital part of my recovery and I wish you many more sober 24's. God bless and be well.


No way I'm cleaning this mess....where's the cleaning crew? Thanks for letting me crash at your place Scott. Happy one day after your AA birthday dAAve.
I love you and see you,

Lex-Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday! You are WONDERFUL! Don't you ever forget it!

butterflygirl said...

Happy Birthday to you!

doughgirl said...


Happy Birthday. Im a little late cus they kept me after school and Im mad at the teacher cus I missed all the fun :(

However, Im grateful that I met you early on in my sobriety. You have helped me stay sober time and time again..CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Luv APril

Scott said...

dAAve, I totally apologize for not wishing you well and much love on your AA 3rd B-Day. I haven't been getting round to visit my friends as often as I need to. I am proud of you, and grateful to your HP for bringing you into my life... Thanks for meeting up with me in TX... very kool! Anyhow, enjoy your milestone, keep going!!
peace to you, and big B-Day hugs, man!