Friday, September 08, 2006

Binge Benefits

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that Hayden and my Mom get along so well; he's been to visit her 3 times in the 10 days he's been here (it's a 40 minute drive there)

that I recognized a brainfart when I had one yesterday in a meeting when asked to share - I just shut-up and passed it on (no visuals, please)

for the privilege of watching people I really care about progress in their recovery

for the many gifts of the AA program -- it's true for this drunk that I never had a clue how many benefits there could be

that it's just a little bit easier to face people (my biggest fear)

that it's Friday and I will binge on 3 AA meetings before lunch;
each with their own personality

Often the difference between a successful marriage and a mediocre one consists of leaving about three or four things a day unsaid.
-Harlan Miller


Greg said...

Good morning dAAve :) Well You never fail to bring a smile to my face every morning :) have a gr8 day :)
Merry CHRISTmas

Scott said...

oooooh, good marriage quote... goooood marriage quote... it's all about not picking up the other end of the stick when it's being waved at me (or vice versa)


I trouble with those brainfart things too sometimes.
I see you,

Scott W said...

Just no purging, okay?

dbv said...

that's a great quote... and soooo true !!!!

Mary Christine said...

Binge away my friend.

Trudging said...

Hey, lay off my girl Paris(-:

Ricky!!! said...

wow..that is a lot meetings..
YOu should have worked up quite the appetite by lunch

Lex-Sunshine said...

Wow! I love that quote. I'll have to remember that. My favorite prayer is: Dear God, please keep your arm around my shoulder and and a hand over my mouth. Same thing, right? : )

doughgirl said...

I love watching others progress in sure beats the alternative :)

Lubridan said...

We are not a glum lot!

Tab said...


yep ..the marriage thing is way more relaxing when ya don't sweat the small stuff..I couldn't care less if the toilet seat is left up or beard trimmings fall to the floor.What matters is the connection I feel when I kick my leg over my hubbys legs in the middle of the night,open an eye,look at him ,
then drift back to sleep with a warm smile on my face...awwwwww :P

Have a great weekend Daave..
Thanks for sharing

ps.Great to read your visit with
Hayden is going so well :)

Alcoholic Brain said...

My brain "potty burps" daily...Great post dAAve!

Greg said...

Good morning dAAve have a good day

piglet said...

That quote about marriage is so very true, but hard learned.

Three meetings in a day? Garsh you are a lucky man!