Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Winding down before winding up

perspective 3
todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for a day with a smile on my face;

now that I think about it, the entire day was spent with Hayden as he began winding up his visit

to be with someone who really knows me better than I know myself

that we had dinner with my sponsor and Scott

for the recovery program that is offered by Alcoholics Anonymous;

It works, it really does!

that I have still attended my regular AA meetings during Hayden's visit and he's gone to a number of them with me

that I will be off to NYC tomorrow with Rodney

that all you guys keep visiting me each day although I have had little time to get around to visit you (this is rare for me)

All who would win joy, must share it; happiness was born a twin.

-Lord Byron


Redhead Gal said...

I'm glad you have had such a great visit with Hayden. You will have time to visit when he's home again.

Mary Christine said...

I am so glad you have had such a nice visit with Hayden.

BigSkymAAck said...

It seems like you have had a great time with Hayden. You sure do come up with some powerful photo comparisons especially with your comments.

A Tampa Realtor said...

Hola! Hope all is well! Great photos Dave!

SCoUt said...

Glad you had a nice time with Hayden, dAAve. Keeping together relationships with those with whom we have some history is important for us -- just one woman's opinion.....
You can visit the rest of us when things settle down for you--until then, I'll STILL come to read you every time I am online.

Shannon said...

I am really happy for you and Hayden to have each other... thanks for sharing your visits have a safe trip to NYC

Trudging said...

Glad that things are going well.

Tab said...

You sound great Daave.
It has been a pleasure to read about your time with Hayden as he is a such a special human to you :)
Have a fab time in New York.
Look forwards to reading about it
when you get back.Pictures too ??
Keep taking good care,
Thanks for sharing~

tkdjunkie said...

Congratulations, Dave! I hope you have a great time in NYC, and it's sounds like you had an amazing time with Hayden. Have fun :)

joey said...

I love that quote - I have a feeling it's going to be in my head for days.


It does work damn it!
Happy for you spending time with Hayden......give him a big fat tongue kiss from me.
Have a blast in NYC.
I'll be thinking of you.

lash505 said...

It is a deadly one..

piglet said...

Nice photo of yourself and Hayden.

Obese children make me very sad.