Friday, September 29, 2006

Back to Abnormal

Ceiling Mural in a Smoker's Lounge

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that when it's not all about me, I feel pretty damn good

for Step 11 of alcoholics Anonymous

that today is Boston's first AA birthday, drop by and say howdy and congrats!

that although Hayden leaves this morning, he will be back

that I slept in today instead of going to my regular 6:30am meeting; I think it was genuinely justifiable today and I will make up for it later today

that I don't take forever to pack 2 suitcases; I consider myself a professional traveller

If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.
-Yogi Berra


Mary Christine said...

"when it's not all about me, I feel pretty damn good"
Can I get that tattoo'd on the inside of my eyeballs?

Scott said...

amen to that dAve and MC, the problem is, "it's all about me..." lol that's been a tuffie, it is soo subtle...

I LOVE that mural, too funny...

peace to you, my friend

Designer Girl said...

Love that photo!

What they said...

Carly said...

Bon voyage to dear Hayden ... I'll miss seeing his various body parts on HNT. :)

SCoUt said...

"when it's not all about me, I feel pretty damn good."
You have a way of smacking me upside the head, dAAve. I gotta get out of ME!!!!!

Trudging said...

Thanks for letting us know about Boston!

Tab said...

I love the mural..they should be painted in every smokers section on the planet.I am glad I quit :)

Good to know you don't take forever to pack two suitcases..I had often wondered about that with you.

Bye Hayden..see you again :)

thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend, dAAve!

Gwen said...

Bye H!
Love that pic dAAve!

Sleeping late ~ priceless


Damn...the flag is still there!
I see you,
PS: As always your grateful list is inspiring to me.

Shannon said...

you mean its not all about me???

I am so glad Hayden will be back!!!

and its good to sleep in once in awhile

thanks for the advice on running

lash505 said...

very nice Daave..

BigSkymAAck said...

The mural is super. Not about me?

piglet said...

Love that mural.

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