Thursday, September 07, 2006

hAAlf nAAked thursdAAy

My new Crocs. I got 2 pair. VISIT THE OTHERS

todAAy i AAm grAAteful and thAAnkful

for a meeting where we dissected the meaning of The Serenity Prayer

for a slow, relaxing, laid back morning of bumming around the house with Hayden, then went for lunch and then a movie before he went to the gym (I needed the rest after that all-day, all-night cyber party you guys gave me)

that we're planning a short trip to Austin this weekend

that Phil posted a couple of days ago

that I live in Montrose (a very eclectic area of Houston near downtown)

Good manners will often take people where neither money nor education will take them.

-Fanny Jackson Coppin


Greg said...

Good morning dAAve :):):) I love the quote today :) It fits me very well. I have been writing them up at work every day and people are starting to look forwerd to them... I hope. The praying thing is going gr8 :):):) I'm even letting her have "MY" coffee and dilivering some to her in her room. WOW. holy s this is huge 4 me. Thanks 4 the advice :):) I'll keep at it :)
Merry CHRISTmas

Mary Christine said...

My, what hairy legs someone has!

Scott W said...

What? No skid marks?

Hannen said...

Hope you enjoy Austin. Weather should be great.

Trudging said...

Yep, hairy!

Tab said...

((laughing at such furry legs!))
...thanks for sharing..
(I think?) lol

dbv said...

happy belated birthday !!!!

Ricky!!! said...

Have a great trip to Austin this weekend!!

lash505 said...


piglet said...

a picture i could do without i must say.

however, i am becoming increasingly drawn to those crocs.