Friday, May 18, 2007

How It Goes ...

My parents didn't have the opportunity to purchase

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for another full day yesterday as things just seemed to "happen"
0400 - got up, made coffee, wrote Gratitude list
0530 - take shower
0630 - AA meeting
0830 - contractor at my house to give work estimate
0930 - went to Home Depot to look at bathroom fixtures
1030 - bought plants for patio at Houston Garden Center
1145 - went to Lambda for AA meeting
1315 - went to lunch/fellowship after meeting
1445 - therapist appointment (he's doing OK)
1610 - went to Starbucks
1700 - at home planting flowers and checking email & blogs
1800 - bicycle to Lambda for fundraising meeting
1900 - return home to watch Astros game on TV
2230 - go to bed ... sober, gay & happy

I'm also really happy that I have decided to take the high road regarding Jerry Falwell. I suspect I may run into him one day.

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.
-Thomas Jefferson


Pam said...

great video! Your days sound so relaxing. I'll be glad when I'm old like you and I can retire...oh wait I am old like you. We look damn good for our age!

Mary Christine said...

You are not getting enough sleep! Oh, and while I am nagging, are you wearing a helmet when you ride your bike?

Have a great day, and LOVE the video...

Anonymous said...

go take mommy's tights off!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Happy Friday to you, dAAve.

Dharmashanti said...

ROFL!!! Looks like Ant's lost weight.

I can't help wonder if COI has an optional provision if you child comes about both gay and trans!


Zane-nawwaa said...

Well, I'd leave a comment, but we said it all via IM. Happy Friday to ya. I will say this, you younguns keep us older timers right on.

Syd said...

hey dAAve, your schedule is a full one for sure. By the way, I think that the ship was a former oil rig boat. Maybe it was the one that you were on in her former life.

lushgurl said...

Oh God dAAve, I am so glad I stopped by here today! I so needed a laugh, OK so the laugh is bordering on hysteria, but still...
Thanks my friend XOX

Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

Sounds like I need to watch the video, but knowing your taste, it might not be "appropriate" in an internet cafe in Greece.

Oh, and I didn't even know Falwel died, so no road to take for me.

Later, Mike

My name is Shugrr and I'm an alcoholic. said...

LOL Really glade to know your therapist is doing well... scanned the page pretty fast and that just cracked me up!!!

Thanks for the smile and have a blessed dAAy.