Thursday, May 03, 2007

hAAlf nAAked thursdAAy

At Lambda Center, sober anniversaries are celebrated on the last Saturday of each month. Lambda provides a cake for all who wish to partake.
This was the cake for April.
This was also my attempt to consume the first piece.
(click on the pic for a better view)

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todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that I have learned how to "trick" my Mom into getting a little bit of exercise when I go visit her (hehe); she resists doing much of anything that requires getting out of bed

for another day of being alcohol and nicotine free -- I am still absolutely incredulous that this is really me!!

for another day of being chaos and insanity free

that after 877 days of operating this blog, I will get my 100,000th hit some time today - -this being my 1,451st post (but who's counting?)

It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up.
-Vince Lombardi


Charlie said...

Happy AA birthday Daave! Goodness, thats a huge cake. By the time you finish it, your next anniversary could be here!

Mary Christine said...

Like Vince Lombardi, I always say, it is not whether you get knocked up, but .... wait.... I think I got that wrong. Happy HNT.

Pam said...

beautiful cake....I'm diggin' that shirt you have on! Happy thursday.

Gwen said...

You sure have been busy!

Happy Thursday Dave~

Scott said...

wow 100,000 hits... a testament to your wit, your honesty, and the power of AA. That's an awesome looking cake, wishing I was there to snag a piece with you!

You're a good man for tricking your mom into some exercise, she's very fortunate to have you!

Scott W said...

Is that a new shirt?

Syd said...

That's a lot of hits. It means that you are reaching a lot of people. Thanks for doing that. It shows where your heart is.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

cor blimey dave! thats LOADS

dbv said...

does the person who hits 100,000 get a prize???

Tab said...

daave you always share so much .. now how about a piece of that cake ?
and I appreciate you sharing your journey in life with your Mom.
Some of us are also experience some similiar family health issues with our elders.I am grateful for being able to help them too.

lash505 said...

Hey your too close to the cake.. Eat it or leave it alone.

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

I say it again. Yum, yum, yummy!

Clarity said...

100,000 hits!? sAAy what? I love your blog. You were my first sobriety blog (blush blush)! I used to read your gratitude list every day while I was STILL DRINKING! I'm still reading it now that I'm sober too :) You turned me onto sobriety blogs and in turn AA! I'm forever grateful for you, dAAve!

craftylady said...

No wonder you need a bicycle what with hot dogs and cake!!

recoveryroad said...


Piglet said...

good for you in getting your mom "exercise", can you come out here and work on my mom? she doesn't listen to me for some reason :)

emotionalsobriety said...

Am I 100,000?

I win! I win!

(Nice blog; I'm following it)