Monday, May 28, 2007

Gratitude Memorial

on this Memorial Day, i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that my life is much better than I often think it is

for the wonderful celebration of sober anniversaries on Saturday Night @ Lambda Center -- there were 29 celebrants with 311 years of sobriety

for a great meeting about that "jumping off place" led by Boston

that I although I spent the weekend by myself wishing that I were not by myself, I was able to look at it objectively, knowing that
This Too Shall Pass.
My thinking disease tells me that no one wants me around, so I am not able to call anyone or ask anyone to even join me for coffee. It really sucks sometimes. Phone calls from Hayden can be a tremendous help. A second AA meeting (on a Sunday) helped too. I usually just go to one.

that my sponsor is OK -- he was out of town and wasn't answering his cell phone nor returning my messages. I got a little worried because that is definitely not like him. Turned out he had left his phone on top of his car while loading stuff inside, then forgot about it and drove off. Of course,the phone fell off. He then remembered it in time to look back and watch it get run over by an 18-wheeler (UK = lorry). LOL

for the lifetime sharing of talent from actor, comedian, Tony-award winner and game show regular CHARLES NELSON REILLY, who has died at 76. CLICK for details.

People are like stained glass windows:
they sparkle and shine when the sun's out,
but when the darkness sets in,
their true beauty is revealed
only if there is light within.
-Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


Mary Christine said...

Happy Memorial Day Daave.


Happy Memorial Day DAAve.
I did that once with a pair of shoes. Never saw them again.

Pam said...

I've been in a little funk most of the weekend...I wish now that I too had made a 2nd meeting yesterday. Mostly I wish I had thought of the solution yesterday instead of today ;)

Boston B. said...

you can always ride your bike over to my place and chill with me for a while...

Kari Sullivan said...

"My thinking disease tells me that no one wants me around, so I am not able to call anyone or ask anyone to even join me for coffee."

I've been feeling a lot of that lately. I find myself in meetings alternately judging others as "less than" and then feeling like I'm sh*t and not worthy be in their presence.

Hopefully with wise and wonderful friends like you, Dave, I can find a way out of this insanity.

Peace out,

Tab said...

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross was such a gift to humanity..thanks for all you share in your blog are gift to the blogsphere :)

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

My God, to watch it run over by lori (UK = Lorry)!

Anyway, happy Memorial Day, dAAve.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Charles Nelson Reilly: RIP!

Shannon said...

Happy Memorial Day to you too Daave and I fall victim to isolating too especially when I am not my happy gp lucky self.
meetings definetly help
I am glad your sponsor is ok

Zane-nawwaa said...

Happy Memorial Day, Daave. I[m only 26 six miles across the county and I'd love to join you for coffee. I soooooooo know that feeling. LUV YA