Saturday, April 12, 2008

sit back and relax, please



Mary Christine said...

Some Sarcasma might have prevented me from getting into a lot of trouble!

Bill said...

Oh, yeah! I'll happily trust a product whose advertisers can't spell 'Tourette's' syndrome correctly.

Um...where the heck did I put that bottle of Sarcasma?

Pam said...

A new sponsee called me this morning to tell me she was going to Lambda tonight with some girls from her 1/2 way house. I said "wonderful". She whispered "a girl told me that gay people go there".
I told her that it was just a myth, and I had been there plenty of times and never noticed any gay people.
Look around for her tonight...she'll be the confused one. :)

Zane-nawwaa said...

Were those bags beaded?

sober Chick said...

LOL, this flipping rocks! You go girls!