Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cops crash car

Italian police officers wrote off a $350,000 supercar given to them by Lamborghini when it smashed into a row of parked cars.
The 202mph Gallardo coupe was one of two donated to police by the luxury motor manufacturer to help with high speed pursuits.
Witnesses say the police car had accelerated massively just before another car pulled out of a petrol station and forced it off the road in Cremona, northern Italy.
Embarrassed cops tried to confiscate phone cameras from witnesses but abandoned the plan when hundreds turned up to gawp at the smash.
"They are supposed to be elite drivers but even the best can have an off day," said one colleague.


Scott W said...

I have no comment.

Tall Kay said...

Accelerated massively...I wonder how fast they were really going. Thank God no one was injured.

Mary Christine said...

Wow. And we can't keep severely mentally ill patients hospitalized because it costs too much - at a fraction of a cost of that car.

Steve E said...

Some of the violins made in Cremona 200-300 years ago are worth about 6 Lamborghinis now.

They are the best violins in existence, but even those can play a wrong note now and then, have a bad day.

Syd said...

I have tried to accelerate massively before but haven't had the misfortune of these police officers.