Thursday, October 27, 2005

2005 Houston Astros - R.I.P.

"I have to believe in a little bit of destiny and it was theirs this year."
CRAIG BIGGIO after his team lost the World Series in a 4 game sweep

My Houston Astros lost the 2005 World Series. In four straight games. If you're from Houston, you can't be too upset, not if you've been a fan of the team since their inception in 1962. Frankly it was just a thrill to see them involved for the first time.

Ricky!! , a fellow Houston blogger, said he thinks they overachieved this year. I respectfully disagree. My feeling is that they are achievers.

They began the season, the first 2 months, playing terribly. By the end of May, the Astros were 15-30. They'd lost twice as many games than they had won. Here's a team of proven players that can't get it together. If anything, they were underachieving.

From June (actually late May) they began winning. And win they did. They put together the 2nd best home record in the major leagues. They even started winning on the road. By the All-Star break in July, they had improved their record to .500 (same number of wins as losses). This trend continued until they found themselves in The World Series.

The roster includes at least 4 guys who will probably be in the Baseball Hall of Fame one day. Most of the remaining roster includes a lot of talent, both pitching and hitting. Most of all, they were part of something special in Houston teams, something called character and integrity. It's an intangible that can't be put on paper. Neither can it be paid for as part of a multi-million dollar salary. You either got it or you don't. Historically, The Astros have character and a never-give-up attitude.

So, Ricky!! , I can't agree. They didn't overachieve all year nor did they underachieve all year.
They just achieved. They're right where they are supposed to be.

P.S. - Congratulations to the Chicago White Sox. This years' team of destiny.


Trudging said...

Sorry about your team.

Blue said...

I am too, I thought about ya what I heard that the sox won....

Ricky!!! said...


jewinater said...

go white sox!!!!!! yeah! white sox are an awesome team. good job houston for making it that far. you guys put up a good fight!