Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wild Card Gratitude

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for some really decent weather this week

that The Astros can start gittin' 'er done today

that I'm sober and partially sane

that I got to hang-out with a recoveirng friend last night - very rare for this fellow

that I haven't been isolating lately

for the 8 months I spent in Newfoundland in 2000 & 2001

that I have only been a victim of violent crime once (mugged)

for a good crowd of 15 at the 6:30am meeting today

that in sobriety I can clean up my own mess without finding an excuse not to do so



Trudging said...

A good and honest list

sirreene said...

who are the Astros?

sirreene said...

you are only partially sane did you make them up?

sirreene said...

I've heard of the Phillies.

sirreene said...

and the Red Sox

sirreene said...

but who are the Astros? a figment of a partially sane imagination?

sirreene said...

and the EAGLES. But never the Astros. Sounds like some kinda planet or something. I'm sure you made them up. Or some kinda dog cartoon character.

dAAve said...

sirreene -- Who are you? From wherest did thou come? I love The Eagles. One of my favorite bands of the 80's (see my profile).

sirreene said...

From wherest did thou come? the answer to that would be MOMMY DEAREST :)
I was referring to the Screaming EAGLES in IRAQ of course! what are you talking about??? you are confusing me today!!!

Shannon said...

Sireene, gurl you crack me up, the Astros is a baseball team :)

thanks for your list, especially reminding me that I have the choice to have a good day :)

sirreene said...



Go Red Sox!
Damn we lost again :(