Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Astros Playoff Game 1

I've been following The Astros since 1963. I was 9 years old then. Beginning in '68 I really got into the game in detail, learning the strategies and statistics of the game and how it all meshed together.

Baseball is truly an art form. I've been fortunate enough to have instruction in the game at the highest level. I understand the dedication that those who play at that level must possess.

Today, my boys begin the playoffs against the Atlanta Braves in a best-of-5 series. The Astros have never won a league championship.

They shall continue in that quest beginning today.

Kick ass boys. Kick ass.

UPDATE: Astros 10, Braves 5


Scott W said...

I didn't know it was basketball season already!

Kenny said...

Scott, I thought it was golf? Is that who the Astros are, Houston's golf team? I dunno.

sirreene said...

see? my point exactly! If they win we will have the Stanley Cup party where?

Lucy Stern said...

Who are these people? Don't they know baseball? I was born here in Houston and I have been an Astro fan since before they were Astro's. When I was 16 ys. old I worked at the Astrodome as a popcorn girl in one of the commissaries. I met my husband there and we got married 4 years later. WE are HUGE Astro fans.

The game today was awesome. Ensberg, Biggio and Pettiet were hot. Loved Bagwell's hit. 10 to 5!!!! I can't wait for tomorrow's game with the Rocket and Smoltz. Maybe this will be the year that we go all the way. Wouldn't that be the very best? Glad to find another Astro fan. WE have tickets for Saturday's game up in the nose bleed section. Go Roy O!

GodlessMom said...

I'm all giddy!