Friday, October 28, 2005

5 Beautiful Things

1. the Swiss Alps from 35,000 feet in January
2. Hayden's eyes
3. the life in my elderly mother
4. leading a sober life
5. gaining a modicum of spirituality

How about you? What's beautiful to you?



In no particular order....

*My girls
*My recovery
*Most of the wonderful sites Mother Nature gave us
*Children & The Elderly

Scott W said...

In no particular order...

*A happy dog
*Conscious contact
*The experience of rising from the ashes of my former life
*Monument Valley, AZ
*Memories of Chester

Lisa said...

In no particular order...

*my children
*my grandbaby
*my daughter's eyes when she realized I had quit smoking
*my husband's new beard
*no neighbors for 1/2 mile


Kenny said...

That's kinda hot.