Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Chili Recipe

Now that the weather is geting cooler, it's time for a fine bowl of chili.

I don't cook.
But I do eat.

I happen to possess the instructions on how to make the best bowl of chili you will ever have. I posted this recipe last December12, so just click below and scroll down to get it.

This is the very best I've ever had.


GodlessMom said...

The recipe sounds great! This is definitely chili weather. And about that picture of the red rock...ahem...johnson. Where is that located? I've always wanted to do a pictoral calendar of the world's great natural phalluses. That rock would be a great addition!


Geez, that took a lot of scrolling but I was very entertained while scrolling. A handsome dAAve at 17, rock climbing, and interestingly shaped picture of a part of texas, people throwing up, snow in texas at christmas time, why aren't i using the shift key? There I used it. O.K. one question...does the beer burn off? I mean the alcohol part? You know what I mean. Gawd, I need more coffee.

dAAve said...

godlessmom -- i have no idea where that pic was taken, probably not in texas though

JJ - i've been told that alcohol does burn off when it's cooked; if you're not sure, just leave it out altogether

flog65364263 said...

hey, dec 12 , my real birthday!!!


Thanks dAAve - I'm going to make it soon and just to be safe I'll leave out the beer. But I bet my girls would want it in there...little shits...lol.

Kenny said...

At first I thought that the Chili Recipe was the vomit!!! But I found it after scrolling down more. Sorry, I don't cook but I'm sure that it's good chili!!

Scott W said...

*burp* Excuse me. Place.

Jake McCafferty said...

No debate on whether chili must have beans to be chili?

You know what I say: "Beans, beans, good for your heart ..."