Sunday, October 30, 2005

For Texans only

One of the blogs I read daily is downtownlad. He usually has a keen outlook on issues, both in his native NYC and also around the world. In THIS POST he provides a bit of an insult to us Texans. You may want to add your comment to his post about the Texas Gay Marriage Amendment. I tried to take the high road.

But sometimes I take the bait.


Scott W said...

You made one or two comments?

downtownlad said...

Sorry - but you would think that any state that actually wants to ban gay marriage would try and check the grammar first.

And check out this link if you really want to get a sense of the educational achievement for Texas. They rank last in the nation for 8th graders:

Here's another one:

New Yorkers also have a higher income than Texans. Manhattanites have the highest income in the country. Simply put, that means our productivity is higher than yours. That's either due to sheer intelligence or the fact that we work smarter.

Sorry - but I'm going to attack any state that tries to make gay people second class citizens. If you actually surprise me and vote down this amendment, then I'll retract.

downtownlad said...

Besides. I'm from New Jersey. Having grown up in a state that was constantly the butt of jokes, I have zero qualms about throwing a few jabs against the other states in return! :)