Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I propose the following ...

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that for a couple of days I am walking around with a smile on my face

that the only permanent thing is death

that I got out of my comfort zone and went to a 3rd meeting last night

for a possible visit from a fellow recovering blogger

for the stories of the Big Book

that I heard some things I needed to hear about sponsorship

that, even though it took me 3 months to get the message, I finally learned that the program of AA did not require me to stop drinking by myself

that for months, I tried to stop by myself, but quickly learned that I couldn't do it without some assistance

that 8,000 baseball fans showed up to watch The Astros take batting practice yesterday afternoon, before the team left for Atlanta

for the entertainment of Nipsey Russell, who just died at 80 yrs

for The Golden Girls every morning while I type this



sirreene said...

you're doing Golden Girls while your typing? Now you're confusing me!

Trudging said...

Golden Girls eh. They are all still living right.

dAAve said...

sirreene -- watching, WATCHING the Golden Girls

trudging - as far as I know they're all still alive although some have questioned whether Bea Arthur was EVER alive

cantellya said...

Difficlut thing, sometimes, getting out of one's comfort zone. Good for you!

Lee said...

There's another permanent thing: taxes! ;-)

Pat said...

Death is permanent?