Thursday, October 06, 2005

Another 24 hours

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

to have a friend like Scott, who lost his dog & companion Chester yesterday after a 16 year friendship; you're encouraged to click on his name and offer your condolensces

that I'm finished with my part of sprucing up the back yard @ Lambda

that I heard an AA story yesterday with some very familiar feelings

for much needed time with my sponsor this morning

that we no longer have gasoline shortage in Houston

for the promise of cooler weather - finally!

that The Astros won Game 1 of their playoff series versus The Braves

for the following that a friend sent me:
"We of AA are apt to brag of the virtues of our fellowship. Let us remember that none of these are earned virtues. We have been forced into them, to begin with, by the cruel lash of John Barleycorn. We have adopted these attitudes, these practices, this structure, not at first because we wished to but because we had to. And then, as time confirmed the seeming rightness of our basic principles, we began to conform because it was right to do so."


Grace said...

Hey dAAve, The Pope is back!!

Ricky!!! said...

That is a very humbling statement that your friend sent. I know I can get carried away if I don't watch my words with people that really don't have a problem.

Lucy Stern said...

Glad you are doing well with your AA. Glad the Astros won game 1.