Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Adventures not on TV

I love to watch adventure-type documentaries on TV. Films on the National Geographic Channel and A&E are likely places to find these. (by the way -- I finally saw "March of the Penguins"; I highly recommend it)

While watching one of these the other night called "Amazon Abyss" I thought, "I would never want to be there, doing what those guys are doing. Way too dangerous for me."

Then I suddenly realized that most of my life has been an adventure, of some sort or another. Of course, it was usually on my terms, in places I wanted to be. I just never thought of those times as adventures. They were just the way I lived. Things like ...

... a hundred times walking around London by myself, in search of the perfect pub
... late-night walks in cities in Morocco, The Congo, Gabon and other African countries by myself, in search of the perfect pub
... crawling home after 8, 10 & 12 hour binges at Griff's, my perfect pub in Houston
... walking the floor at gay bath-houses at two o'clock in the morning, usually in a blackout
... having public sex outside of a bar in a small, port town in Mexico with several Federalis in sight (the national police force has no sense of humor about those kinds of things)
... being drunk out of my mind late one night at a small, dark, sidewalk bar in Rio de Janiero where no other soul spoke English
... finding myself alone on a dirt road on the outskirts of Dakar, Senegal; too drunk to find my way home and no way to get there even if I knew how
... that was so much fun, I repeated that in a number of other places too over the years (I think)

Hmmmmmmm ... there seems to be a theme here.


Ricky!!! said...

Life is not a journey that you try to reach the end and see how well preserved you still are at the end. Instead, it should be a fun and wild ride so when you get to the end all tattered and torn you can say "Whoey! What a freakin ride!"

Scott W said...

...and then there was the time you didn't return to those behaviors.

sirreene said...

Life is not measured by the breath we take but by the breathlizers that take our breath away!

Mr. H.K. said...

And today, the nightmare is OVER!



"We seem to be telling on ourselves today"...........We sure are. I'm just so very grateful I don't blame my shoes for walking funny anymore. So grateful!

Pat said...

Yeah HP- I'm with HK. After seeing myself camp it up drunk as a skunk 10yrs ago on tape- I agree it's best to forget the auful stuff. That's what forgetting is for, the auful stuff. They say women would never have a second child if they could REALLY recall the pain.

dAAve said...

Mr HK - yes thank God, I'm done with that

Pat - I don't want to forget those times, mainly because they are a part of my life and I don't want to repeat them but also in some way, I treasure them as well

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