Sunday, August 21, 2005


Saturday night I attended a charity fundraiser. I failed to get photos of everyone involved, but here's what I DID get.

Juan Pedro sang an original song he wrote about his girlfriend.
It was beautifully written and sounded great.

Brandy and Amy did a number as the crowd of 100 settled in for the show.

Ada did a GREAT number on the keyboards.
She's the daughter of a friend.
She also won 3rd place for her performance.

Lots of beautiful music so far.
The queens on hand were getting restless, however.

If they were mellow up until now,
ZANE woke them up!!

Zane has a spirit that can't be contained.
Neither could his bananas.

He peeled off his dress and showed off his physique until we just couldn't take it any more.

He won 1st place.

But there was one more act to follow.

Ricky wrapped up the evening with a touching rendition of "Breathe."

He took 2nd place in the audience judging.

It was a fun night and over $1000 was raised in an hour for our recovery center.


Scott W said...

It was great fun! And you did admirably selling split the pot tickets.


You mean to tell me I have been wearing a padded bra all this time and what I really needed was bananas? I'm off to buy bananas!
PS: Looks like great fun. You guys always have fun.....

Pat said...

HP looks like fun.Ummm- check Ricky's link- that can't be him singing!

dAAve said...

You're right Pat.
My bad.

Trudging said...

Zane would wake me up, that is for sure.

Ricky!!! said...

I went bananas in my dreams last night..LOL

doughgirl said...

Oh crap .....I need bananas too!!!! I hope they dont run out