Saturday, August 27, 2005

Strong Beer

As if there aren't enough alcoholic concoctions on the market already, a Boston brewer introduces one that promises to bring more newcomers into AA.

The new beer - at 25% alcohol - is six times more powerful than a normal beer and twice the strength of a bottle of wine.
And at $40 a bottle, Samuel Adams Utopias is also among the world's most expensive.
Just 8,000 of the limited edition 24 oz tipple, sold in a copper kettle, have been brewed by the Boston Beer Company.
Brewery founder Jim Koch said the beer was designed to be enjoyed slowly as an after dinner tipple.
He said: "We are passionate about brewing quality, one-of-a-kind beer that amazes beer lovers and aficionados alike."


GodlessMom said...

An after dinner beer? That doesn't sound very good to me.

Hannen said...

I loved beer but that sounds horrible. Glad I don't drink anymore. lol

Mr. H.K. said...

Looks nasty!

Mr. H.K.
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