Monday, August 22, 2005

There goes the credibility (again)

Here's a reason why I don't listen to any more TV news than I have to.

Friday morning, on a local Houston station, KHOU-TV (channel 11), there was a report about a tornado and the major damage it had caused on Thursday. At the end of the short report, the news presenter said that "there are even reports that the tornado overturned an 18-wheeler on the highway outside of town."

OK. This report was more than 12 hours after the tornado had done its thing. I am left to infer from their coverage that they"heard" about the 18-wheeler, but have not taken the initiative to cofirm it. But they will report it as news, just in case it really happened.

How much hard-nose, in-depth investigative reporting would it have taken to confirm this elusive fact?

Maybe a phone call?


GodlessMom said...

But making that call would have been too much like working. TV news is worthless.

Scott W said...

They called me but I wasn't home.

GM, I agree. I only watch now to get the weather, for what that's worth. How's Humble?