Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Since I've been sober, my dreams are far more intense. I often fall asleep quickly and almost immediately have some kind of a wild dream. The reason I know this is because I also wake up after that first dream; fifteen to thirty minutes after sleep first occurs. Then, it's easy to fall back asleep.

By far, the most recurring topic of my dreams is flying. Always has been, since I was a kid. More likely than not, that flying takes place inside of an airplane, a large plane such as a 747 or such. There are times when I am the airplane, sometimes threading my way through neighborhoods, avoiding trees and houses. Occasionally I witness a crash, standing a short distance away. I don't remember ever seeing dead or bloody bodies; the aircraft itself is the object of the dream.

But they seem so real.

How about you? What are your dreams made of?


GodlessMom said...

I always dream about water. Sometimes a river, sometimes a lake, frequently a swamp or waterfall.

The water can be a path to follow, a barrier between me and something I want, it can sweep away things I love or wash something up on shore that I've been looking for. Weird. It's like my brain uses water to fill in the blanks in my dreams.

I've always wanted to have a flying dream because it sounds really cool. I can't remember ever having one though.

Interesting subject!

Trudging said...

A sponsee called me wildly excited a few months ago. She had had her first dream since getting sober. Or the first dream she could remember. Very cool

sirreene said...

I've had a visit by my mother who doesn't stop by too frequently anymore and snow! SNOW!!!

Pat said...

I've always read that flying dreams mean you feel a new freedom. Since a small child I have had dreams where I fly by just thinking about it. Very fun.

Scott W said...

I worked with someone once that constantly dreamt of flying and during every dream the soundtrack was Debbie Reynolds singing 'Tammy'.

I dreamt once I was flying and as I woundmy way through the world I entered a house devoid of furniture and every surface was covered in burlap. There were 3 gay guys in the house that tried to catch the Louis Vuitton luggage I was trailing behind me. To get their attention I told them my mother was going to manage the Louis Vuitton Superstore in the Galleria. They were so surprised that I was able to fly out the window and escape.


I usually don't remember my dreams. BUT the one that comes to mind is the one I blogged about and that has now taken on a whole new meaning since the "lets add a man to the mixture" thingy. AND I do often awake to something like a knock on the door in my dream is really a knock on the door in real life. OR the ringing of the phone in the dream is really the ringing of the phone in real life. STUFF like that freaks me out.

Phil said...

I haven't been remembering my dreams much since getting sober. When I do remember them, they're pretty mundane.

The other morning, I heard my son stir, and I went in since he was waking up. Still asleep, he smiled broadly and stirred a couple more times. Then he woke up, smiled at me and said, "Dreaming about Daddy." Made my day! :)

Mr. H.K. said...

I worked on ships for ten years. Every night, I'm stuck on some ship in some storm or something... Or I'm stuck at sea for several days and can't get off the damned thing.

Mr. H.K.
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Scott W said...

MR HK, I know what you mean, I was a waiter for years and I had a dream or nightmare every night. They continued off and on for ten years or more.

I don't remember too many dreams either after getting sober. I used to have the most marvelous technicolor dreams when I was drinking, I kinda miss them.

JERKJ said...

I haven't had a flying dream in a long time. They used to be frequent, and SO real. When I flew, it was almost a breast stroke in swimming, like a very slow airborn frog. I could go higher than the houses with very little effort, just a little air leap, and there I was above everything.
Now my house drems have returned in imense splendor. Passages, rooms of a single monchromatic scheme, staircases and a hay loft.

Jake McCafferty said...


To dream of flight, signifies a sense of freedom where you had initially felt restricted and limited.

It seems like it's a perfect fit for you.