Thursday, August 25, 2005

Gifts from the East

Because I won a silly little blog-test a couple of weeks ago, JJ sent me these gifts. I am sooooo underserving, but will keep and use them anyway because one of my littany of character defects includes greediness.
... "The Book of Answers" hell, I don't even know the questions
... "Evil Thoughts" a collection of 22 unique postcards
... a pink feather boa (for a future hAAlf-nAAked thursdAAy foto)
... a parking permit to the Cape Cod Nude Beach (somehow, I think this may have been sent by mistake and will return it if asked coyly)
... a darling kitty kat card

Thanks JJ, you're much too sweet. But that often happens in sobriety.



Glad you liked the gifts. No the parking sticker is for you. Make no mistakes about it.

Mr. H.K. said...

The postcards sound intriguing....

Mr. H.K.
Postcards from Hell's

And I Quote Blog

Kenny said...

What's a blog test?

Ricky!!! said...

Can you use those cards for people on your 4th step? Progress..Right?

Anonymous said...

What are you looking for today?

Anonymous said...

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