Monday, August 01, 2005


Having been in the offshore marine industry for 20 years, I've always been a big fan of big boats. It doesn't appear that I'll ever have the millions of $$$$ to purchase one, or the hundreds of thousands of dollars for its upkeep each year.
I do like to look though.

for a better look.


Trudging said...

Just what is the offshore marine industry?

Jim said...

Those things are a dime a dozen in Fort Lauderdale...and I serve many of the owners. By the time most can buy and afford to spend time on these yachts they are also getting ready to meet Jesus!
You're too young anyway but look if it makes you happy:)

dAAve said...

trudging - i was involved in operations of offshore seismic vessels (oil exploration) / boats running from 180' to 320' in lenght with crews of 35-60

Jim - I know they're everywhere but I appreciate the luxury of them knwoing I will never have or really want one - too many headaches

Anonymous said...

Commenting on your own blog page sounds like self abuse to me. Tee hee. QN

dAAve said...

Anon (QN) -- I have much better (tried & true) methods of self-abuse.


Can we rent one and go on a holiday.....PLEASE! PRETTY PLEASE!

Scott W said...

I have designed custom carpet for several of those big ships. You wouldn't believe how picky and extremely anal-retentive some of the owners are. Then again, maybe you would.

Anonymous said...

Following up on trudging's question, is there such a thing as onshore marine industry?

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