Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bloggers Fired !!

It was only a matter of time. CLICK HERE.

Remember, you're not allowed to express your own opinion.
This is America. Not communist China.


Jim said...

I've been worried about that for some time.

Grace said...
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Grace said...

I found this link Dave, I Googled it as I knew I'd read about the Microsoft case before:

JERKJ said...

Thanks for the note. I'll have more computer time later.

soberInsanity said...

what happened to the first amendment. btw- thanks for the link, dave.

Jake McCafferty said...

Oh, we lost a lot of our freedom a long time ago. But in this case, it sounds like some of these people lost their common sense first.

I'd have to see some of the comments, but discussing your plans to basically sabotage your employer? Not smart -- and a firing offense.

The ChiComms, on the other hand, try to crush any dissent -- and American companies are helping. Shameful.

One Drunk to Another said...

Oh dear. Read my blog. I'm up for a meeting with my supervisor and our boss on Monday (tomorrow), purportedly to do with something I wrote on my blog, at home, on my own time. Read all about it here:

Mr. H.K. said...

Yes! This makes me nervous. Very!

Mr. H.K.
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MiKell said...

This has already happened to me.

My former employer had a policy regarding posting on-line. They were permitted to fire me because I live in a right to work state. In fact, they can fire anyone for having blue eyes, instead of green, in a RTW state.

The 1st Amendment has nothing to do with this issue.