Saturday, August 20, 2005

Interview with a Nut (case)

Godless Mom has a few questions for me. Designed just for me after reading my blog for some time and geting to know me, in print.
I'll do my best.

1. If you were to remove all but 5 people from the Baseball Hall of Fame, who would you leave?
Great question. It leaves me to ponder who are my 5 most favorite baseball heroes. Those 5 men who I consider to be not only the best, but most important people to the game. Here they are, in no particular order ...
(one) Babe Ruth -- no-brainer; he set the standards for all to follow
(two) Roberto Clemente -- the best and most complete player I've ever set my eyes on and he gave his life while helping other less fortunate
(three) Jackie Robinson -- a fabulous player who had the balls to break the color barrier
(four) Bob Gibson -- the finest pitcher I've ever seen
(five) Ted Williams -- the finest, most complete hitter the game has ever seen

NOTE: I had to leave Pete Rose out of this because he has chosen to first, cheat, then lie about his criminal involvement in betting against his own sport. His continued denial and lack of honesty has prevented him from gaining entry into The Hall of Fame. I think he was a better hitter than Ted Williams.

2. As someone who has travelled extensively you are probably more qualified than most to answer this question. What is the most beautiful place on our planet?
The most breath-taking site I've seen (yet) was from a 747, flying north-to-south over the Swiss Alps at 35,000 feet. The skies were clear on a cold winter day. Those massive mountains which looked relatively small, covered with whiteness from top to bottom. Green patches of fields and narrow blue rivers below. I'll never forget the beauty I saw that day which lasted for nearly an hour as I looked out my small window.

NOTE: I have more, but was asked for just one answer.

3. As an artist what inspires you or triggers in you the need to paint?
I took up painting earlier this year. I live in a 3-story townhouse which has staircases on one side of the building, leading up 2 flights. I needed some art to fill up all that wall space. I searched a number of places but everything I liked was out of my price range. A friend in recovery (an interior designer) suggested I create my own art. So I decided to give it a try without a clue as to how to get started. I got some canvasses and spray paint and have now produced 29 pieces. I've yet to pick up a brush.

4. What is your favorite Houston restaurant and what dish would you recommend?
Not a good question for this Texas boy. I'm a meat & potatoes guy. Don't eat fish, asian foods, burned out on chicken. My all-time favorite meal is Chicken-Fried Steak with potatoes (mashed or baked). The best I've had was DIRTY'S on Durham Street. It's no longer there. Coming in a close second is Mexican food. We call it Tex-Mex here and it's much better than in Mexico. My favorite venue for this was LEO'S MEXICAN RESTAURANT (on S. Shepherd, then moved to Washington Ave.), also out of business. Leo's was open from 1942-2000, when they finally closed down. Today, I like to get my Chicken-Fried steak @ KELLY'S COUNTRY COOKING on Park Place @ I-45.

5. If you were to fall in a vat of toxic waste or get bitten by a genetically modified mosquito what two super powers would you hope to develop?
What a question! hmmmmm ... I'll divorce my need for a Higher Power and spirituality out of this answer. Physically, I'd like to possess the power to eradicate Cancer from within -- CancerKiller. The other, more complete power would be to copy the fictional and magical powers of Samantha Stevens, of Bewitched. Just twitch my nose and all would be well.


Scott W said...

So, you finally admit you are a nut, and a loveable nut at that.

Ricky!!! said...

Boudreaux Cajun Kitchen has an awesome Chicken Fried Steak with tons of seasonings and Garlic Mashed Potatoes!!

Pat said...

HP, if you have Samantha's powers you would already have cancer killer. Maybe after Samantha's powers you could have the power to go right to heaven and talk face to face with God and get specific instructions on what to do with those powers?

GodlessMom said...

Great Answers HP! I'm a big fan of chicken fried steak too. Unfortunately it is one of those dishes that I should just paste directly to my butt.

Thanks for playing the game!