Monday, December 12, 2005

and now, for something a little different

My latest attempt at something artistic.

One thing I did differently ...

it is not framed.
what appears to be a yellow frame, is actually just yellow paint on the canvass.

i'm still just using spray paint,
no brushes.

today, i'll finish 2 pieces for my sister's christmas present.


Anonymous said...

hi dave....admired your art for a while but alas grasshopper, it may be time to move to brushes...i adjusted the color on my monitor twice and then went downstairs to get my reading was fuzzy....i started using acrylic paints and spatulas (i know they're called something else at texas art supply but it escapes me at the moment) i love self-expression thru art and it's so much cheaper, well, except for your mom is doing better.......dbv

AAwoken said...

very nice. I have started paitning as well. Albeit digitally.