Tuesday, December 06, 2005


todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

to see my Mom walk around her room without any assistance of any kind

that these days I can find patience with a smile

that I have yet to discover a trigger to drink alcohol (not that I'm looking for one)

that my experience with Step 5 gave me the courage to share my life and feelings more openly in the rooms of AA and on one-on-one situations

that I am really trying not to isloate; with and without success

that I never had a drinking problem until I got to AA (LOL)

that we read "The Missing Link" in the 6:30am meeting today

for some cool and gorgeous weather in Houston this week

Nobody entirely escapes temptation. You must expect it and be ready for it when it comes. You must be ready to recognize it.
paraphrased from TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY --- Hazelden


sirreene said...

"temptation" too many blog hits this morning! need coffee!

AAwoken said...

Every time I think I'm patient. Suddenly, I become impatient.

Shannon said...

HI DAAVE.... Have a great day

Beau Foshee said...

I like the paraphrase..reminds me that the way to stay ready is to stay in the middle of it all

Trudging said...

A excellent list!

Anonymous said...

i like the quote

doughgirl said...

finally catching up with all of you. I am grateful that you are still here. Thanks for being you :)

Sam said...

Hey there!

tbiscuit said...

Another reason I need a meeting and some phone calls every day. I sincerely think that I'd be much closer to a drink or maybe drinking tonight if I didn't have a couple of phone calls to sober friends and a meeting tonight.